The High Coast Hike have some adjustments given the current situation to avoid gathering in crowds. The national park is large and we have reduced how many we are who will set out to experience the High Coast to 200 people.



Just as previous years we will go through the map on site. However most people look at the map-check online that we send live on the facebook group ”High Coast Hikers >> after we have sent it live it will be available and we will also update this site with a video of all information you need. So you really do not need to attend the map check, all information is already and will also be available in video form. However we will also go through the map on site at 18:00 and 20:00 on the ”Torget” (Square) in FriluftsByn and also at 19:00 and 21:00 on the lower campsite (signs will be on site so you will easily find it).  


In order to help us keep distance at the start we will have shuttle busses going to the start of the Hike. We will have 8 start groups and every bus will carry 25-30 passangers. We have estimated one double seat per person but if you are hiking with a friend you are allowed to share the same double seat and sit next to eachother. 

Group busses will depart every 15 minutes. You will check in during the pre-evening on Wednesday between 16.00 – 22:00 or Thursday 07:00 – 08:30. That is also when you collect map, gas and food. You enter the bus that suits your travel plan and your company but the busses need to be full before they leave so lets help make this a smoothe start.

Bus to shorter route day 1 – Entré Syd
Grupp 1 -08:00 Bus 1: Entré Syd (25 pax)
Suitable for those who hike with children.

Bus to ordinary routes Entré Väst:
Group 2 – 08:00 Bus 2: Entre Väst (30 pax)
Group 3 – 08:15: Bus 3: Entré Bäst (30 pax)
Group 4 – 08:45: Bus 2: Entre Väst (30 pax)
Group 5 – 09:00: Bus 3: Entre Väst (30 pax)
Group 6 – 09:15: Bus 1: Entre Väst (30 pax)
Group 7 – 09:30: Bus 2: Entre väst (30 pax)
Group 8 – 09:45: Bus 3: Entre Väst (30 pax)

More informaton: Program High Coast Hike >>
(Changes might happen before the hike and this page will be updated, all updates will also be found on the Facebook group High Coast Hikers >>