It is soon time for the High Coast Hike 2018 and we are really looking forward to an amazing adventure and time together in the High Coast of Sweden. Amazing nature, great company, fun after-hikes and getting to know new stuff from eachother and Woolpower, Gränsfors bruk and Fjällräven. Here is a rough run-through of the adventure so you can come prepared.


As you might be aware of Sweden is experiencing the greatest drought since the Swedish Weather Institute SMHI started their measurements 250 years ago. Last time we had downfall it was snow in March.  Since then it has been dry and this summer has had extreme temperatures. This has resulted in fires all over Sweden and dry streams. This will not affect your experience but we need to adjust to nature since nature does is the boss.

UPDATE 2018-07-25


With some amazing help from Pelle from Outmeals we have managed to switch food and get hold of some delicous military food that you cook through chemical heating using only 50 ml of water. (Check it out here >>) These meals weigh a bit more so we will have a food and water refill on Friday between 12:00 and 16:00 800 meters from Kälsviken.So you will collect five meals at the check in and then get two extra meals on friday after lunch to lower your weight. We will take this at the check in.


Having changed to new food you only need 50 ml of water to cook the entire meal instead of 500 ml. However you will need to drink a lot of water.

Thursday: Carry with you 4 liters of water out that will last all day.

1. We will arrange boat transport out with water to Tärnättholmarna so you can collect 1 liter of water in the morning after the first nightcamp that will last for breakfast (50 ml) and lunch (50 ml) and then the rest for hiking the 5 km to Kälsviken.
2. 800 meters from Kälsviken we will transport out water by car so you can refill another 2 liters of water that  that last while you hike your way to the nightcamp where there is running water and you can hydrate as much as you want. If you hydrate up 2 liter during the afternoon / evening in Dal you will have 5-6 liters of water on friday.
Saturday: Make sure you start with full bottles since you can fill them at Dal. Then you continue towards Skuleberget. There is water on the top of the mountain. Also beer.


Take with thermos. You can also purchase a coffé/tea ticket in FriluftsByn for 50 sek. That will give you one cup of coffee at Tärnättholmarna on Thursday (19:00 – 21:00) and one cup 800 meters from Kälsviken at the South Entrancé (12:00 – 16:00). If you like two cups of coffee on each site, in Swedish called ”påtår”, you purchase two tickets.

If you like coffe in the evening and in the morning – then you purchase two tickets and then drink one at the coffe station and then pour one cup of coffe into your thermos.

You can also purchase coffe in the evening at the second nightcamp (could pour some into your thermos if you like some in the morning) and in the top cabin.

A up of coffe is 200 ml. If you like a jug 400 ml then we are talking two tickets again. Just to make clear =)


Due to the extreme situation no fires or stoves are allowed in Sweden. We have adjusted to this by changing the food so this should not be an issue and your backpack will weigh less. As always make sure to bring some nuts, extra energi, candy etc.


Buses to the start at the west entrance to the national depart at 08:00 and 08:45 on Thursday. The first lot of buses have priority for families hiking with children. In 2018 there is an extra bus departing at 09:30 to the South Entrancé resulting in app 3 kilometer shorter first day. If you like to take this bus, please send an email to info@friluftsbyn.se This extra bus is intended for families hiking with kids or people hiking with dogs.

Since condintions changes this text will be updated regularly.
And even though media like to make this weather into a big thing (and yes it is if you look at it from a fire hazard and climate standpoint) it will hardly affect us. You drop your stove and carry more water. We change to food that reqire less water and we use boats and cars to transport water to you when the streams are dry. That is all =)