Travel, Lodging & Food

Travel, Lodging and Food

Start and finish take place at FriluftsByn at the foot of Skuleberget, in the heart of the World Heritage High Coast – a meeting place for nature, creativity, and community. In the area, there are several accommodation options as well as cafes and restaurants. Here you will find the practical preparations.

The adventure is now close!


Own car to explore more of the World Heritage or bus, train, or plane. It’s easy to get here.


Most people usually camp in FriluftsByn, but there are also bed & breakfast and hotels nearby


We take care of food during the adventure, in the evenings, and during the after-hike, there’s a lively atmosphere in FriluftsByn.


Travel to the High Coast

The World Heritage High Coast is located between Örnsköldsvik in the north and the High Coast Bridge in the south. In the heart of the World Heritage, you’ll find FriluftsByn, a meeting place for nature, creativity, and community. This is where Höga Kusten Hike begins and ends. You can get here by your own car, carpooling, or bus. You can also take a train or a flight to Örnsköldsvik and from there rent a car or take the county bus to FriluftsByn.

If you need assistance planning your trip, call the High Coast Tourist Service at 0771-26 50 00.

Take the car to the High Coast

The High Coast, Skuleberget, and FriluftsByn are closer than many people think. To get an estimate of how long it takes from your location, enter ”FriluftsByn” on Google Maps. You can park your car in the large parking lot next to FriluftsByn for only 50 SEK for the entire stay. If you plan to drive to the High Coast Hike and have extra space – feel free to make a post in the participant group ”High Coast Hikers” to find company.

– Drive to FriluftsByn >>
– Drive in the High Coast >>
– High Coast Hikers >>

Take the bus to the High Coast

Y-buss operates buses from Stockholm and Arlanda as well as along the entire Norrland coast. Choose the Docksta bus stop. When you disembark, it’s only about a two-kilometer walk to FriluftsByn and the start of the High Coast Hike. Unfortunately, Y-Buss is usually a bit late in sharing its bus schedules, but hang in there.

Y-Buss (External Link) >>

Take the train to the High Coast

Train: Take the train to Örnsköldsvik Resecentrum.
Bus: From Örnsköldsvik Resecentrum, buses from both Y-Buss and DinTur are available, stopping just a few kilometers walk from FriluftsByn. Y-Buss stops at Docksta Marina, and DinTur stops at Skuleberget / Naturum on the eastern side of Skuleberget.

If you need help finding how to take the bus between Resecentrum and Skuleberget along your train route, you can call the High Coast Tourist Center at +46(0)771-26 50 00.

Book train tickets with SJ >>
Din Tur Bussarna (Bus Service) >>
Y-Bussarna (Bus Service) >>

Take the flight to the High Coast

Flight: With Amapola, you can fly between Arlanda and Örnsköldsvik. Here, you can either rent your own car or take a taxi to Örnsköldsvik Resecentrum (where trains also stop) and then take a bus to Skuleberget. If you need assistance with your connection, contact the High Coast Tourism Service at +46(0)771-26 50 00.

Y-Buss (External Link) >>


Stay in the High Coast

In the heart of the World Heritage High Coast, you’ll find FriluftsByn, a meeting place for nature, creativity, and community. Here, you’ll discover the coziest hangout in outdoor Sweden, Café and Restaurant Vardagsrummet, and our courtyard where popular Burgers & Beer events take place during the summer.

FriluftsByn offers cabins, camping, and tent sites, and this is where most participants choose to stay. A tent site is included between Saturday and Sunday, allowing you to linger and rest before heading home.

Large Cabin >>

Stay with both kitchen and bathroom. Up to 6 people. From 1,090 SEK/night

Camping Cabin >>

Compact cabins for 2-4 people. From 850 SEK/night

Outdoor Hub >>

Functional accommodation in the heart of FriluftsByn. 2-4 people. From 990 SEK/night

Camping Site >>

On the sunny south side of Skuleberget by Lake Gällsta. Plenty of space. From 290 SEK/night

Tent Site >>

High Coast’s most popular tent sites. From 190 SEK/night

Nearby Accommodations

Docksta Baren, Jacobs Stugor, Docksta Hotel.


Food & Beverages

In connection with the pre-evening, Burgers & Beer is also arranged in FriluftsByn’s courtyard, and we have reserved the rooftop terraces for those of us hiking the High Coast Hike. On Thursday morning, you can purchase breakfast in FriluftsByn before the buses depart for the starting point. Afterward, you’ll enjoy the meals you receive during check-in. After reaching the finish line, Skulebergets Toppstuga will remain open before we gather in FriluftsByn for the After-Hike.

Food and beverage
before the hike

Pre-evening. Wednesday evening is the pre-evening, Burgers & Beer, and perfect time for mingling. You can purchase food in FriluftsByn’s courtyard or down at the cafe Friluftsfiket.

Breakfast. Energize for the hike. In FriluftsByn, you can buy breakfast and fuel up before the buses depart for the starting point.

Food and beverage
during the hike

When you check in for the High Coast Hike, you will pick up two breakfasts and five lunch/dinner meals. We collaborate with Outmeals, which many consider to make the absolutely tastiest outdoor food.

You will be pleasantly surprised by flavors like Vegetarian Spicy Pasta, Chicken Masala, Pasta Bolognese, Vegetarian Stroganoff with Rice and Mushrooms, etc. We have both flavorful freeze-dried meals that are a bit easier to carry and where you add boiling water, and ”wet canned” meals that are really delicious dishes already prepared, and you just warm them up in a cooking bag. We’ll show you how this works on the spot; it’s super easy.

You choose what you want to eat and, of course, also when you want to eat during the adventure.

Sit down and relax while the food is prepared. You only need to be able to boil water.

There are many highlights during the hike. The lunch breaks are one of them.

In the evenings, we gather at our shared night camps for dinner and cozy mingling.

Food and beverage
after the hike

Finish Line, Top of the World Heritage. The finish line is located at the top of the World Heritage High Coast. Here on Mount Skuleberget, you’ll find the Top Cabin with food, delicious pastries, and our bar.

Finish Line, Top of the World Heritage. Sit down and cheer on the other participants, just enjoy the accomplishment before we walk down to FriluftsByn.

After-Hike, FriluftsByn. The tent is set up, the sleeping pad and sleeping bag are laid out. Perhaps you’ve taken a dip in the sea. Peacefulness. Enjoyment.

After-Hike, FriluftsByn. The tent is set up, the sleeping pad and sleeping bag are laid out. Perhaps you’ve taken a dip in the sea. Peacefulness. Enjoyment.




Incredible nature, seminars, relaxation and lots of fun!


Reserve your spot in time. Tickets are limited.


Travel, accommodation and packing list.


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