Bring your friends on a grand adventure.

Isn’t it time for an adventure?

Isn’t it about time you and your friends embarked on that adventure you’ve been talking about? During the High Coast Hike, you’ll experience incredibly beautiful nature – from coastal mountains and sandy beaches to deep forests and ravines. In the evenings, we hang out in the night camps with like-minded people from all over the world, unwind by the campfire, or attend one of the outdoor courses. We wrap up the adventure with a fantastic After-Hike featuring live music. This is going to be a lot of fun!
On this page, we’ve gathered tips for you planning to bring your friends to the High Coast Hike.
– Let the adventure begin!

What is the High Coast Hike? »

The High Coast Hike is one of Europe’s most popular hiking adventures, taking place every August and attracting hundreds of participants from all over the world. Many come alone to enjoy the wonderful sense of community – naturally forming small groups where you walk and chat, yet there’s also room to walk solo if you prefer.

You can choose between two distances – the classic The Original and Wanderlust, which is slightly shorter, allowing for more time for breaks. You can also opt for Wanderlust Light, where you receive assistance with transporting some equipment, enabling you to hike with a lighter backpack.

You’ll find more information about each experience at the links below.

Over three days, we explore the absolute highlights of the World Heritage Site High Coast. We hike at our own pace through the spectacular nature, carrying our own gear and tents to our communal night camps.

The adventure includes buses, guides, food, workshops, after-hike activities, and plenty of fun shenanigans.

In the evenings, we can relax, hang out with others by the campfires, or attend one of the outdoor schools where you’ll meet some of Sweden’s leading outdoor companies.

The adventure kicks off with a cozy pre-adventure evening and concludes with a lively After-Hike in FriluftsByn.

More information about each experience:

The Original


Wanderlust Light

Who typically participates?
People from all over Sweden and the world. Before you know it, you’re sitting on a cliff chatting with folks from Gothenburg, Östersund, Berlin, Washington, and Tokyo.

Those who come alone are typically between 25 and 60 years old. However, there are also younger and older participants.

    Check out what previous participants have to say.

    Beautiful Nature

    Over three days, we experience some of the absolute highlights of the World Heritage Site.

    Choose Your Adventure

    Choose between three distances – The Original, Wanderlust and Wanderlust Light.

    Great camaraderie

    We hike at our own pace to communal night camps where we unwind, take a dip, or participate in workshops.

    Camping life

    Campfires, just relax on a cliff, or ascend a lookout mountain. It’s your choice.

    Outdoor classes

    During the hike, we receive visits from outdoor companies who share tips and tricks with us.


    We conclude at the top of the World Heritage Site before descending and continuing the celebration in FriluftsByn.

    It’s time!

    Make this the year when you turn ”it would be fun if we…” into actually embarking on the adventure you’ve long talked about. We’ll take care of the practicalities!

    The perfect adventure with friends

    The Original is suitable for those with some experience and can handle slightly heavier loads over longer distances. If you want a challenge where you hike shorter distances but still enjoy breathtakingly beautiful nature, then you should check out Wanderlust.


    A hike for those who want to experience magnificent nature, have time for each other, and have some fun.


    Program 2024 »

    Participant Brief »

    The High Coast Hike is the perfect adventure for friends, taking you through the highlights of the High Coast. We take care of buses, guides, food, workshops, and lots of fun activities so you don’t have to plan too much and can instead focus on each other and the experience.

    During the hike, you’ll experience majestic mountains, deep forests with beautiful lakes, and a fantastic coastline with sandy beaches.

    But this is more than just a hiking trip; there are also courses and seminars where you get the chance to learn how to make your own products in wool with Woolpower and get outdoor tips from Naturkompaniet.

    In the evenings, we gather in communal night camps and enjoy the cozy atmosphere by the campfires. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get closer to nature and spend time with family.

    • Experience the breathtaking nature of the High Coast World Heritage Site together with your friends and other awesome people from around the world. We take care of all the practicalities: food, transportation, maps, workshops, and the after-hike, while you bring your own, borrow, or rent equipment.
    • After checking in and picking up food and maps, we take buses to the starting point and set out at our own pace. There are guides at the back, in the middle, and at various stations along the hike to help if anything happens.
    • We meet at our communal night camps where you can choose to simply relax, hang out by the campfires, or learn something new at workshops and courses.
    • The adventure concludes with the After-Hike in FriluftsByn, a perfect ending where you can reflect on the days and celebrate the achievement.

    The High Coast Hike begins and ends in FriluftsByn, right in the heart of the High Coast. You can choose between two distances – the Original and Wanderlust – where we hike at our own pace and reach our communal night camp at the end of the day. With Wanderlust Light, you also receive assistance with transporting tents and sleeping bags to the various night camps.

    The Original »

    The option for those who are experienced hikers or feel reasonably strong in their bodies. We hike 10 – 16 kilometers per day in hilly terrain before reaching our communal night camp.

    Wanderlust »

    The most popular distance among beginners. An incredibly beautiful hike where we walk approximately 10 km per day in hilly terrain with varied surfaces.

    Wanderlust Light »

    The perfect option for those who want to hike with a lighter backpack as we assist with the transportation of tents and sleeping bags to the various night camps.

    Regardless of which distance you choose, the terrain is steep, and we hike on varied surfaces. So be sure to go out and hike with your gear a few times before you come so that your knees and back can get used to it a bit.

    Embark on a three-day hiking adventure in the High Coast with friends and like-minded individuals from around the world – experience the amazing nature, learn new things, and create memories for life!

    It will be a delightful mix of hiking, relaxation, and camaraderie.

    Experience what has been voted as Sweden’s most beautiful nature.

    Isn’t it time to embark on that adventure you often talk about?

    Perhaps you’ve been camping before, or maybe this is your first and possibly last time. Or perhaps you’ll discover that this is really cozy. Regardless, it’s probably time to experience the feeling once again.

    High Coast Hike is one of Sweden’s most popular hiking adventures, captivating both curious beginners and seasoned enthusiasts from around the globe since 2013. Welcome to a delightful experience brimming with breathtaking nature, outdoor schools, and wonderful camaraderie in the High Coast World Heritage Site.

    10 BEST TIPS

    for those of you bringing your friends


    – Get in contact with other hikers who are coming alone.

    Start by joining the Facebook group ”High Coast Hikers.” Here, we regularly post reminders before the adventure, and you can also ask your own questions and see other participants’ thoughts. This is also where posts with engaging comment threads usually appear:
    – Where are you from?
    – Who’s coming alone to the adventure?
    – Does anyone have space in their car for carpooling?
    You get the idea; it’s simply a forum for pre-discussion and for those brave enough to say hello to other hikers before the adventure begins.
    Awesome, take me to the participant group >>


    Check what you already have, then borrow, rent, or invest in what is missing.

    You probably have most of what you need, but like many others, you might need to borrow a backpack, sleeping bag, and tent from someone you know. Alternatively, you can rent equipment from Naturkompaniet. If you get the urge, it might be a good time to gradually build up your outdoor wardrobe.

    However, it’s important that you’ve learned how to use the equipment you’re bringing, especially your tent and your kitchen. There are guides available here that can help you. If you need assistance in setting up your backpack, Naturkompaniet is on-site. You can find tips on equipment and what is mandatory equipment here:
    Equipment for the High Coast Hike>>


    It’s convenient to get to FriluftsByn, where most people also choose to stay.

    It is easy to get to FriluftsByn – located at the base of Skuleberget in the heart of the High Coast, World Heritage Site. This is where the vast majority of participants stay before and after the adventure, creating a wonderful atmosphere and sense of community.

    Book a cabin or check in and set up your tent (tent space does not need to be pre-booked). The registration fee includes a tent space in FriluftsByn between Saturday and Sunday. You can find all the information here:
    Travel, Stay, and Food >>


    A few months before, it’s wise to start hiking with a backpack.

    To have a great experience, it’s important to prepare your body. Strength training for your legs and back, cardiovascular exercise like jogging and cycling, balance training for improved stability, and stretching are good preparations.

    It’s also important to hike with a packed backpack to acclimate your body to the load. Gradually increase the length and difficulty of your ”training hikes.” You can find more tips here:
    Hiking Tips >>

    Don’t make it too complicated. Gather your equipment, learn how it works, then head out and go hiking with your gear a few times a month. The rest will work itself out when you arrive at FriluftsByn and during the pre-evening.


    Meet other participants, get tips for the hike, and have time to repack a bit.

    Many solo participants arrive for the pre-evening on Wednesday to hang out a bit at the location. We grill burgers, perhaps have a beer, and prepare ourselves by the campfires. We also gather and go through the map.

    This is a very natural way to immerse yourself in the community because it’s impossible to sit by a campfire without starting to talk to each other. We have many campfires, so it’s perfectly okay to switch to a quieter or livelier one. You’ll figure it out.
    Pre-Evening for the High Coast Hike>>


    It’s easy to find, and there are both guides and other hikers to ask. But it’s still nice to have control.

    The hike takes place on existing and well-marked trails with clear directions, and you will receive your own map showing the area and our route. We will also go over the map in the evening.

    You don’t need to be an expert or have a compass to find your way, and there are guides and other hikers to ask. But it’s still good to be in the know, so join the participant group on Facebook where we’ll go over the map digitally, or come by in the evening on Wednesday.

    Route Description>>


    There’s always an alternative.

    During the first and second day of the hike, you can choose between the Original and Wanderlust routes. 

    When it’s just you to think about – make sure to gauge what suits you best. You’ll manage the Original if you come prepared; if you’re unsure, opt for Wanderlust and assess after the first day. There’s no need for competition; the idea is for you to have the best possible experience where you can combine hiking with relaxation.


    Both guides and Naturkompaniet are here to help you have a wonderful adventure.

    Before you arrive, it’s a good idea to go through the program to keep track of the times. If you have any questions before the adventure, our participant group on Facebook is excellent, and you’ll quickly get answers from previous participants or those of us who are organizing this adventure. You can, of course, also email us.

    On-site, there are guides who can answer your questions, and Naturkompaniet is there to assist you with equipment-related queries.
    High Coast Hike Program >>

    During the hike, small groups often form naturally, but there’s no formal organization. You have complete freedom to decide when you want to hike alone or join others. It has been shown that without obligations, a relaxed and pleasant sense of community develops.


    One of the absolute highlights of the hike is celebrating our accomplishment.

    It’s Saturday, and it feels like we’ve known the people we’ve met on and off over the past few days, if not for a lifetime, then certainly for a long time. The celebration starts right at the finish line at Toppstugan on Skuleberget. After that, we hike down to FriluftsByn, take a shower, and gather for the After-Hike with burgers, beer, troubadours, and lots of fun. Camping with tents in FriluftsByn is included from Saturday to Sunday. Most choose to stay until Sunday to relax before heading home with new friends and lots of memories.
    – After-Hike >>


    Kayaking, cozy cafes, and boat trips.

    Lördag och det känns som vi känt de som vi mött av och till under de senaste dagarna, om inte hela livet så i alla fall en lång tid. Firandet börjar redan vid målgången vid Toppstugan på Skuleberget. Därefter vandrar vi ner till FriluftsByn, tar en dusch och möts upp på After-Hike med burgare, öl, trubadurer och massa skoj. Camping med tält i FriluftsByn ingår lördag till söndag. De flesta väljer att stanna kvar till Söndag för att kunna koppla av innan man beger sig hemåt med nya vänner och massa minnen.
    – Guide Höga Kusten >>


    Many come alone and return year after year for the pleasant camaraderie. Others bring friends, family, or partners and combine time together with participating in the community. Here, we have gathered some tips just for you.


    Many come alone, but meet new hiking friends along the way.


    Many come alone, but meet new hiking friends along the way.


    This is the adventure you always talked about that you should do. Here are our best tips!


    This is the adventure you always talked about that you should do. Here are our best tips!


    You are going to have a really great time. But let us help you with a few tips along the way.


    You are going to have a really great time. But let us help you with a few tips along the way.


    Bring your kids along for the adventure you all will remember for a lifetime. Here are our best tips for you.


    Bring your kids along for the adventure you all will remember for a lifetime. Here are our best tips for you.