One of the most popular hiking festivals in the world

Lace up your hiking boots and experience one of the most beautiful areas of Sweden. You hike in your own pace with friends or family – or you come by yourself and get to know hikers from all over the world. Welcome to one of the most popular hiking festivals in the world.

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The Original »

8:th – 10:th Aug 2024
Adult: 2290 sek
Youth (13-16 y): 1190 sek
Kids: 12 y and younger: 790 sek

Wanderlust »

8:th – 10:th Aug 2024
Adult: 2290 sek
Youth (13-16y ): 1190 sek
Kids: 12y and younger: 790 sek

Wanderlust Light »

8:th – 10:th Aug 2024
Adult: 2690 sek
Youth (13-16 y): 1290 sek
Kids: 12 y and younger: 890 sek

Check out what previous hikers have to say about the High Coast Hike.


Registration opens Friday the 22:nd of March at 15:00.


Join out Facebook-group for participant where we share tips and get ready for the adventure.


Look at all the fun things you have to look forward to. This will be great.


Here you’ll find travel tips, accomodation and packinglist among other things.


The High Coast Hike’s Original route attracts hundreds of hikers worldwide each year. Come hang with us and soak in the stunning scenery, chill vibes, workshops, and all the rad stuff going down.

Program & Schedule

Most people arrive on Wednesday evening for a briefing and tips before the adventure begins, but you can also check in Thursday morning before the buses leave from the Outdoor Hub.

Arrive Wednesday evening between 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM, or Thursday morning between 7:00 AM and 8:30 AM.

Buses to the Starting Point
Buses depart from the Outdoor Hub on Thursday morning. The Original: 8:00 AM Wanderlust: 8:30 AM

Finish Line
You’ll reach Skuleberget’s Summit Cabin around lunchtime on Saturday and be back at the Outdoor Hub around 3:00 PM with unforgettable memories. Then it’s time for the After-Hike festivities.

Want to know what’s happening each day of the adventure? Check out the High Coast Hike Program here: High Coast Hike Program »

Participant Briefing
For a quick overview, take a look at the Participant Briefing here: Participant Briefing »

What's included?

Pre-adventure briefing in the early evening, bus transportation from FriluftsByn, guides along the hike, seven outdoor meals, map, seminars with Woolpower and Naturkompaniet, and After Hike. Outdoor Collective T-shirt (valued at 399 SEK) and free camping spot in FriluftsByn from Saturday to Sunday (valued at 290 SEK)


We’ve been organizing the High Coast Hike for over 10 years, and we’re thrilled about the responsibility we all share in creating a memorable adventure that’s also safe and respectful of animals and nature.

  • You must check in at FriluftsByn before the adventure begins and upon arrival at each night camp, as well as when leaving the camp in the morning thereafter.
  • We camp in communal night camps and at designated sites.
  • Guides build fires only at specially designated areas. No other fires are permitted.
  • You must not damage or harm natural formations or vegetation. Cutting down or otherwise damaging living or dead trees and bushes is prohibited.
  • Flying drones is not permitted in Skuleskogen National Park or at Skuleberget Nature Reserve.
  • Dogs accompanying the adventure must be kept on a leash.

Toilets and Shelters
You’re allowed to use the toilets located in the national park, at FriluftsByn, and at the top cabin of FriluftsByn. You can also seek shelter in the cabins found in the National Park. However, overnight stays are to be in your own tent.

We place great importance on leaving the area in better condition than when we arrived. Therefore, it’s strictly forbidden to leave litter along the course or at energy depots. Any packaging you bring in must be carried out with you to the finish line. You can dispose of your litter at FriluftsByn after finishing. If any checkpoint officials, other runners, or trail markers observe a runner littering, they will be immediately disqualified.


You’re probably aware that participating in outdoor activities always comes with some risk of injury. However, we’ve done our utmost to make the High Coast Hike as safe as possible.

When you sign up for the High Coast Hike, you acknowledge that you’re participating at your own risk, and that the High Coast Hike, FriluftsByn, and High Coast Resort AB do not compensate for personal injuries or equipment damage resulting from participation in the High Coast Hike.

The High Coast Hike requires good judgment on your part. We do not recommend participation for individuals with back, knee, or heart problems.

Consider your personal health before joining the hike, and weigh the options between The Original, Wanderlust, and Wanderlust Light. Come prepared.

We also recommend at least 8 hours of rest before driving after completing the hike. Therefore, we offer free camping spots in FriluftsByn from Saturday to Sunday.

First Aid
For your safety, we have medical personnel stationed along the hike and at the night camps. They will assist you if you encounter any problems. The most common issues are blisters, and they’ll use your own equipment to help. You’ll also receive contact information for the safety supervisor before setting out. We always inform emergency services about the High Coast Hike, and in case of actual injuries, dial 112.

Take no unnecessary risks.
Seriously, take no unnecessary risks. Slåttdalsberget, the viewpoint at Slåttdalsskrevan, and Skuleberget are areas with higher risk due to steep cliffs. Don’t get too close to the edges, as a heavy backpack and potentially slippery rocks don’t mix well. Maintain a reasonable distance from ledges. The hike follows well-marked trails, and sticking to them increases safety. Drink plenty of water, rest when tired, and eat when hungry. Don’t cook inside the tent.

Mobile Phone
You’ll have coverage for most of the High Coast Hike, but not everywhere. Make sure to bring a charger, as there won’t be opportunities to charge your phone during the hike.

You don’t need the latest gear to participate in the High Coast Hike, but you do need clothing, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping pad appropriate for the season, as well as sturdy boots for your safety and that of other hikers.

We hope this information doesn’t scare you, but rather encourages you to avoid unnecessary risks during the High Coast Hike. So, it’s time to get ready!

If I have to interrupt the hike

Our goal is to provide you with an adventure filled with fantastic experiences. That’s why we’ve put together three options suitable for everyone from experienced hikers to curious beginners – The Original, Wanderlust, and Wanderlust Light.

If you prepare your body and hike with a backpack before the High Coast Hike, chances are it’ll go great.

If you’re on The Original and feel discomfort in your back or knees – or simply feel like taking a shorter route – there are shortcuts available on the second day of the adventure.

If you choose Wanderlust and after the first day feel like hiking a longer distance, you can join ”discovery rounds” where you’ll tag along with hikers on The Original.

If you hike Wanderlust Light, your tent and sleeping bag will be transported from FriluftsByn to the various night camps and back again. But we also offer participants in Wanderlust and The Original the opportunity to have some equipment transported to FriluftsByn on the final day of the adventure to facilitate the ascent of Skuleberget.

There are guides along the adventure who will provide tips if you encounter challenges.

In short – we do everything to ensure you have a wonderful adventure.

If you still need to withdraw
Sometimes someone twists an ankle, experiences knee or back pain, or encounters another issue that leads them to want to withdraw. In that case, we make sure to direct you to one of our pick-up points from where you’ll be transported back to FriluftsByn.

When withdrawing:

  1. You must always speak to one of the guides or call the secretariat number before withdrawing.
  2. As you can understand, it’s probably not possible to pick you up exactly where you are, so we’ll direct you to a pick-up point from where we’ll then take you back to FriluftsByn. We’ll go through this during the pre-adventure briefing.
  3. You can camp free of charge in FriluftsByn throughout the adventure and from Saturday to Sunday. There are also communal rooms where you can hang out.
  4. Even if you withdraw, we still think you should try to make it to the finish line at the top of Skuleberget and join the After-Hike. It’s often tough to ”quit,” and a little celebration usually helps.

Just like a ticket to a concert or a sports event, your registration is non-refundable. However, if you are a swedish resident you can opt for insurance with Startklar through Folksam for 150 SEK, which will refund your money if anything should happen. You can find more information here:

For our international guset we recomend that you resarch if your country of residents offers the same type of incurance policy. 

If not you can always offer someone to purchase your ticket in the participant group on Facebook: High Coast Hikers >>


Many come alone and return year after year for the pleasant camaraderie. Others bring friends, family, or partners and combine time together with participating in the community. Here, we have gathered some tips just for you.


Many come alone, but meet new hiking friends along the way.


Many come alone, but meet new hiking friends along the way.


This is the adventure you always talked about that you should do. Here are our best tips!


This is the adventure you always talked about that you should do. Here are our best tips!


You are going to have a really great time. But let us help you with a few tips along the way.


You are going to have a really great time. But let us help you with a few tips along the way.


Bring your kids along for the adventure you all will remember for a lifetime. Here are our best tips for you.


Bring your kids along for the adventure you all will remember for a lifetime. Here are our best tips for you.