Participant Briefing

The High Coast Hike is an adventure through the Highlights of the High Coast and its breathtaking nature, where you hike alone or in the company of others. You walk at your own pace, carry your own equipment, and in the evenings, we gather at common campsites. During the days, everything from outdoor courses to after-hike events is organized.


Most people arrive for the Pre-evening to check in, pick up food and a map, and enjoy some social time.

At 8:00 PM, there's a briefing for the adventure where we go through everything you need to know. We also hold a digital briefing in the "High Coast Hikers" group before the adventure.


You can check in in the morning if you haven't already done so, then the buses depart continuously to the starting point. You hike at your own pace.

In the evening, we gather at Camp Tärnättholmarna, where you'll also get to meet Woolpower.


You leave the campsite between 08:00 and 10:00. Then, you'll encounter mountains, sandy beaches, and deep forests in a delightful mix until you reach Camp Gyltberget.

In the evening, Naturkompaniet will hold an outdoor school session at the viewpoint Gyltberget.


If you start hiking before 09:00 and follow the High Coast Trail towards the finish line at the summit of Skuleberget, you'll arrive shortly after lunch.

At the summit, we begin the celebration, and we meet again at the After-Hike in FriluftsByn from 17:00 to 23:00. The atmosphere only gets livelier as the evening progresses.


The adventure includes a tent pitch in FriluftsByn between Saturday and Sunday, and most people choose to stay for the After-Hike.

Sunday morning, there's the option for breakfast in FriluftsByn, and it usually turns into a wonderfully relaxed hangout. Around lunchtime, some start heading home. Others stay longer to explore more of the High Coast.


The most important thing to remember is to come prepared by hiking with a backpack and knowing how your equipment works, as well as respecting the regulations in the national park. Below, you’ll find some more information on what to consider before, during, and after the hike.


Review your equipment and plan your travel and accommodation. Many choose to camp in FriluftsByn on Wednesday to Thursday to be on site in good time and participate in the Pre-Evening event. You’ll receive food for the hike and a map when you check in at FriluftsByn on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.


We take buses to the starting point, and from there, you hike at your own pace to our shared overnight camps. The trails are well-marked, and there are guides along the trail. It’s important to check in when you arrive at the overnight camp and check out when you leave.


The finish line is at the top of Skuleberget. After that, we hike down to FriluftsByn for the After-Hike. Tent space is included from Saturday to Sunday, and in FriluftsByn, there are plenty of showers and social areas. Sunday usually turns out to be a lovely day, and breakfast is available for purchase in FriluftsByn.

  • After-Hike >>



Most participants arrive on Wednesday to enjoy the pre-evening and have plenty of time to check in before the buses depart for the starting point on Thursday morning. The pre-evening opens at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, and we go through the map at 8:00 PM.


  • You check in at FriluftsByn to collect your map and food for the hike.
  • Everyone takes the bus from FriluftsByn Thursday morning. Be there well in advance.
  • The hike concludes at FriluftsByn.
  • There are nearby parking areas where you can leave your car during the hike.


It’s easy to get to FriluftsByn and High Coast Hike. It’s about a 5-hour drive from Stockholm. Travel >>


There are plenty of accommodation options before and after the hike. Just don’t miss the after-hike event.
Accommodation >>



Participants in the High Coast Hike have a special rate for the large parking area next to FriluftsByn. You pay 60 sek / day (regular price 40 sek/day). You purchase the ticket upon check-in and then place it visibly behind the windshield.


The pre-evening starts on Wednesday at 4:00 PM. Meet other hikers, grab something to eat or drink, and check in with plenty of time. The briefing is held at 8:00 PM, but you will also receive ongoing information in the participant group:
High Coast Hikers >>
Pre-evening >>


You need to check in for the High Coast Hike. This is done during the pre-evening on Wednesday from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM or Thursday from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM. At check-in, you will receive a map, food, and a t-shirt. Remember to make space for meal packages in your backpack.


We will go through the map and other information in the Facebook group: High Coast Hikers >> We will also cover everything you need to know for the adventure at 8:00 PM during Wednesday’s pre-evening.


You can leave well-marked luggage in FriluftsByn for 100 SEK per item. You can pick up your stored luggage in FriluftsByn during the after-hike after the hike between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM.


Bussar till starten av Original går 08:30. Buss till Wanderlust Route avgår 09:00.



You hike at your own pace to the day’s campsite where you check in upon arrival. You receive all meals upon check-in but bring your own equipment. Outdoor schools and seminars are held at Campsites Tärnättholmarna, Kälsviken, and Campsite Dal. You can refill water along the trail.



The hike follows well-marked trails with clear signage. You’ll receive a map when you check in where you can outline your planned route – either Original or Wanderlust. During the hike, you’ll encounter guides and volunteers at checkpoints who can answer questions. You can also ask other hikers.


There will be guides out in nature as well as at the night camps. However, this is not a guided hike where you walk with your own guide. We think it’s more enjoyable to stroll at your own pace and with those you want to. At check-in, you’ll receive the number for the secretariat, and in case of emergencies, dial 112. You should bring your own first aid kit.


During the map briefing, we will inform you about where to find water along the trail. You should carry about three liters of water with you. While locals often drink water from running streams, as organizers of this type of adventure, we must recommend that you boil water in the forest. Water levels in streams depend on the weather of recent weeks.


When you reach the night camps, you check in with the guides, and when you leave the next morning, you check out. If you fail to check in, we will first search the campsite, and if we cannot find you, we will organize a search party. So remember to check in and check out at the night camps.


During the High Coast Hike, we stay in shared night camps. It is not permitted to camp anywhere other than these designated areas. The first night’s accommodation is at Tärnättholmarna, and the second is in the fields at Dal, right in the middle of the forest. This creates a wonderful atmosphere of camaraderie and community.


There are outdoor toilets along the trail and at the night camps. You’ll see them marked on the map. Feel free to use them, but remember to bring your own toilet paper.


It’s allowed to make a fire at designated spots. Firewood is provided at these locations. You must not take sticks from the forest or make a fire anywhere other than the designated spots.


Everything you bring with you on the High Coast Hike, you’ll need to carry back in your backpack to FriluftsByn. You must not litter along the trail, so bring a garbage bag for empty food wrappers and other trash.



The finish line of the High Coast Hike is at the top of Skuleberget, where most participants unwind at Toppstugan and applaud the arrival of other participants. Most people choose to hike the High Coast Trail or descend via the service road next to the cable car down to FriluftsByn. You can also take the Skuleberget Cable Car until 4:00 PM. After-Hike starts at 4:00 PM. As a participant in the High Coast Hike, you can camp for free in FriluftsByn between Saturday and Sunday.


  • Finish line opens at 10:00.
  • Most finish around 14:00.
  • Toppstugan opens at 11:00.
  • After-Hike opens at 16:00.
  • You can camp for free in FriluftsByn Sat-Sun.


The finish line is at the top of Skuleberget with a view over the entire World Heritage site. Here you will also find the summit cabin with full amenities. You should leave the campsite at Dal no later than 09:00 on Saturday to arrive around lunchtime.


We celebrate our experiences and achievements at the After-Hike in FriluftsByn on Saturday from 16:00 to 23:00. The After-Hike coincides with Burgers & Beer, and all participants in the High Coast Hike have reserved seats (open seating) from 19:00. Tent space in FriluftsByn is included from Saturday to Sunday.


The High Coast Hike attracts hundreds of hikers from all over the world every year. Come along and experience the beautiful scenery, the pleasant atmosphere, the workshops, and all the fun activities happening

Why the High Coast Hike?

The High Coast Hike is one of Sweden's most popular hiking adventures, annually attracting hundreds of participants from around the world. Over three days, we experience the absolute highlights of the World Heritage High Coast.

The adventure includes buses, guides, food, workshops, after-hike activities, and lots of other fun activities.

We hike at our own pace through the spectacular nature, carrying our own equipment and tents to our communal overnight camps.

In the evenings, we can relax, mingle with others around the campfires, or attend one of the outdoor schools where you can meet some of Sweden's leading outdoor companies.

The adventure begins with a cozy pre-evening and concludes with a lively After-Hike event in FriluftsByn.

What's included?

The High Coast Hike is about making it easy to embark on a grand adventure. We take care of planning, logistics, food, and guides. Included in the registration are:

- Outdoor Collective T-Shirt
- Bus transport from the Friluftsbyn
- Seven meals of freeze-dried outdoor food
- Map of the hike
- Seminar with Woolpower and Naturkompaniet
- Admission to the After Hike event in Friluftsbyn
- Free tent space in Friluftsbyn from Saturday to Sunday.

How challenging is the hike?

There are two main routes - The Original and Wanderlust. You can also have your tent and sleeping bag transported to the overnight camps if you choose Wanderlust Light.

Regardless of the distance, the experience will be better if you prepare your body, especially knees, shoulders, and back, by hiking with a backpack before the adventure.

The Original (Level 4/5)
The hike is challenging. We hike 10 - 16 kilometers per day with steep ascents and descents on trails with varying terrain.
More information: The Original >>

Wanderlust (Level 3/5)
The hike is considered moderate given the distances and time we have available. But you still need to prepare your body. There are steep ascents and descents, although fewer than on The Original. The terrain is varied.
More information: Wanderlust >>

Wanderlust Light (Level 2/5)
As you can get help transporting parts of your equipment to the overnight camps, you can hike with lighter gear. This option has been primarily requested by families.
More information: Wanderlust Light >>

Who usually join this adventure?
The High Coast Hike attracts adventurers and leisure hikers from all over the world. From experienced hikers to curious beginners. Solo hikers to groups of friends, couples, and families.. 

The magnificent nature, the pleasant atmosphere, the opportunity to learn something new, and just to relax. There are many reasons to join the High Coast Hike. Click below to find out more.

Press play and get a feel for what you are about to experience.